The White Front Cafe
Downtown Bed & Breakfast

Includes all content* including furniture & kitchen equipment,
2 buildings (fully renovated for Cafe use)
, and

the Bed & Breakfast

*except for a few personal pictures & decorations


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Real Estate includes 2 Building

Buildings for Sale

View the different rooms

Cafe for Sale

Cafe Dining Area

Look at some other photos of our Main Dinning Room in the Cafe.

Buildings for Sale

Banquet Rooms

Look at the Banquet Room at the White Front Cafe. All rooms can be used for larger parties

Business for Sale

Meeting Rooms

We have a Meeting Room which can also be used for larger parties, it opens up into the main banquet room.

Buildings for Sale

B&B Room

We have three (3) room at the B&B. Take a look at them.

Honest pricing. No surprises.

Purchase Includes the following:
  • All Equipment
  • All Furntiure